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As heavy-duty industrial applications continue to grow and expand, so does the need for environmentally friendly,lead-free solutions that can withstand them. And just because the application is harsh, doesn’t mean that your solution has to be.

Lead-free and compliant with RoHS specifications, as per designed for high load capacities with composition offers better resistance to fatigue strength at high temperatures—even in the most demanding conditions

Elite Engineering solutions are lead-free and designed with a smaller environmental footprint.

But they’re also optimized for the most demanding applications that require high performance under extreme loads, including shock loads and low frequency, oscillating movements.


lead free bushing manufacture
  • Lead-free
  • Machinable
  • Design freedom – customizable to meet specific indentation and shape needs
  • Capable of supporting high specific loads and high temperatures
  • Excellent fatigue strength under dynamic and shock load conditions
  • Suitable for oil and grease lubrication
  • Suitable for hydrodynamic operation
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Superior performance under oscillating movement
  • Thin-wall construction permits compact bearing assembly
  • Indents in the bearing surface provide a reservoir for grease and thus allow
  • extended re-greasing intervals
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Earth-movers
  • Textile machinery
  • Pneumatic equipment
  • Mechanical handling and lifting equipment
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Off-highway equipment
  • And many more…
  • Transmissions
  • King pin bushes
  • Truck brake calliper bushes