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Bimetal Sleeve Bushes Indents Bearing Assembly Design freedom – customizable to meet specific indentation and shape needs. Bimetal Brass Bronze Bushing to high-quality, the surface of the copper-lead alloy as the face, according to conditions and can be processed using all types of oil hole in the surface of the alloy layer. Bimetallic bearings are able to withstand heavy loads and shock load conditions. Our bimetallic bearings have anti-corrosion.

The internal surface of the bimetal bushes can include different types of channels, so as to satisfy the various types of applications and lubrication conditions in which the bushes may be used.Our self-lubricating bearings are given on the chassis of the walking mechanism, body elements and hydraulic components. These bearings have material under high load, excellent wear resistance and anti-dust effect, and the technology of self-lubricating bearings allows much longer maintenance cycles, improves the use of equipment, and reduces maintenance costs. Includes bimetallic lubrication of rolling bearings, self-lubricating metal-based bearings and self-lubricating plastic rolling bearings.

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  • Low coefficients of friction eliminate the need for lubrication while reducing wear and extending service life.

  • Ideal for applications requiring long service life without regular maintenance or operating conditions with little or no lubrication.

    Reduce shaft costs by eliminating the need

  • For hardening and machining grease paths. Compact, one-piece construction provides space and weight savings and simplifies assembly.

  • Greaseless, lead-free solutions comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations such as the RoHS directive for electrical and electronic equipment.

  • Design Freedom - Customizable To Meet Specific Indentation and Shape Needs
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Earthmoving Engineers
  • Textile Machinery
  • Pneumatic Equipment
  • Mechanical Handling
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Road Equipment
  • Etc