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Casted Parts

All Casted Parts Can Be Delivered as unmachined or finished Parts.

Grey Cast Iron Parts Would be Produced in cast iron with Imellar or Brake Parts.

We Are able to produce castings in ferrous and non ferrous alloys up to a weight of 20kg (Depending Of Dimensions).

We Produce All brass Casted Parts According Customer Drawings, Samples.


Turened, Milled, Stamped and bended Parts Customised in nearly every material

(e.g. Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Copper etc.)

brass precision components

brass forged components supplier

Medical Gas Parts

Elite Engineering manufacturer of brass and copper parts. It is suitable for the installation of medical gas pipeline systems (MGPS).

We can also provide our customers with a range of high quality graded material suitable for the suspension and support of the medical gas pipeline system. Gas Fittings include brass inlet plug assembly, oxygen booster mounting fitting kit, hex nipple, copper reducing tee, pex tee, cga 320 nut, cga 580 nut cga 540 nut and meter union.

Ventilator Parts

We are manufacturer of the wide range of ventilator brass forged components and accessories. We are now in new product development of ventilator parts to focus on hospital and homecare ventilation as well as airway clearance products. We sell our products throughout the India and the world wide market. Our products are renowned for their quality, reliability and ease of use as well as their clinician and patient-driven advancement.

brass forged components

Mixer Grinder Parts

We are manufacturing and offering an extensive range of Brass / Aluminium Mixer Grinder parts, Jar Nut, Multi nut, Handle Insert, Rubber Compling, Communater Bush, Blander Studes, Rotary Bush, Blade Nut, Coupling Insert, Adaptor Insert, Dome Nut.

Radiator Parts

Elite Engineering is a manufacturer of brass radiator parts like Radiator Valve, Radiator Filler Necks, and Radiator Mounting Clamp to OE makers around the world. Manufacturers rely on our quality and innovation to remain on the leading edge of engine cooling technology. Our OE experience and know-how ensure our products provide unmatched performance, reliability, and fitment.

brass forged components

brass forged components

Stainless Steel Moulding Inserts

Unrivaled Expertise: Benefit from our legacy of 10 years in the industry, where Elite Engineering has consistently set the standard for expertise. Our SS 304 Moulding Insert is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier components tailored to meet the unique demands of your applications.

Strategic Engineering Support: At Elite Engineering, we go beyond manufacturing – our highly skilled engineering team collaborates with you to enhance functionality, manufacturability, and ease of assembly. We're not just a supplier; we're your dedicated partner in achieving optimal solutions for new designs or improving existing components.

Custom Capabilities: Choose versatility with Elite Engineering. Our SS 304 Moulding Inserts are crafted with precision using a range of custom capabilities, including turning, threading, machining, and more. Whatever your specifications, Elite Engineering has the expertise to deliver.

Product Excellence: Our SS 304 Moulding Inserts stand proudly in our diverse product portfolio, ensuring unparalleled quality. Crafted from stainless steel, these inserts are designed to seamlessly integrate into your molding applications, providing a polished and sophisticated finish.

When you choose Elite Engineering, you choose quality, precision, and innovation. We don't just manufacture components; we craft solutions that elevate your products to new heights. Partner with Elite Engineering – where precision meets excellence.

Elevate your projects with Elite Engineering SS 304 Moulding Inserts – a symbol of quality, precision, and enduring excellence. Trust Elite for components that go beyond expectations.