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We Are Provide Tensile Brass Bushing, Bronze Bushing, Manganese Bronze Bushing. Our Products Are Widely Used In Machine Tool, Tractor, Ship, Pressing Sugar Cane, Paper Making, Cement Equipment, Printing, Light Industry, Water Conservancy Project. We Guarantee The Quality Of Products And Provides You With Good Services.

C86300 Manganese Bronze SAE 430B bronze Can Operate At Low Speeds Under Heavy Loads, But Require High Shaft Hardness And Nonabrasive Operating Conditions. This Alloy Is Comprised Of Copper, Manganese, Aluminum And Iron. This Alloy Has Excellent Mechanical Qualities And Good Corrosion Resistance. This Combination Raises The Tensile Strength

Chemical Composition

Cu%1Pb%Sn%Zn%Fe%Ni% 1,2Al%Mn%
AB2 Oil Groove Bush Manufacturer


  • Hydraulic Cylinder Parts
  • Heavy Load Bearings
  • Valve Stems
  • Bushings
  • High Strength Machine Parts
  • Bridge Pins
  • Forming Dies
  • Wear Rings

Other Descriptives Include:
CDA 863, SAE 430B, J461, SAE J461, J462, SAE J462 ASTM B-22 Alloy C86300, ASTM B-30 Alloy C86300, ASTM B-271, Alloy C86300, ASTM B-505 Alloy C86300, ASTM B-584 Alloy C86300, ASTM B147-8C, QQC-390 Alloy C7, QQC-390 Rev. A/B Alloy C86300, Mil C-15345 Alloy 6, Mil C-22229 Comp 8, Ingot 424, High Strength Yellow Brass.