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Brass Terminal Connector are widely used in many industries to connect electrical wires and different components. Elite Engineering is manufacturer and exporter of brass terminal connectors includes heavy duty terminals, modular terminal and regular duty terminals.

We can offer Brass connectors for terminal blocks with or without screws. We serve various electrical industries like switchgears, relays, enclosures, distribution boards, switchboards, fuse gear etc. We offer 25 Ampere, 35 ampere, 50 ampere connectors and terminals.

  • Terminals and electrical connectors made from high grade brass CDA 360.
  • All terminals are threaded with Go and NO Go threads and screwed with Steel or Brass Screws
  • Neutral Links Terminal bars neutral bars and earthing terminals for switches offered PCB terminal Blocks electrical grade terminals Connecting Copper and Brass terminals
  • Brass Switchgear Panel Board Fittings Accessories Brass HRC Fuse contacts
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  • Nickel plated Tin plated


  • 5 ampere, 10 amp, 15 ampere, 25 ampere, 35 ampere, 50 ampere

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Brass Sheet Metal / Stamping Parts

Brass Sheet Metal/ Stamping Parts for your domestic necessities or automotive, Elite Engineeringhave all the expertise and amenities to offer you the best quality and best in class resolution for your need. We have expanded our manufacturing unit widely and have manufactured of brass parts through the die metal stamping technology and hence competent to manufacture simple to toughest and most composite brass parts by means of the die metal stamping process. We recognize all types of brass stamping parts guidelines, be it threaded, numbered, countersunk, embosses etc. are manufactured as per DIN, EN, JIS, ISO and ASTM standards. We have the advanced technology for the die stamping that supports us to manufacture the highest number of the brass stamping parts in short time. Every piece of the brass stamping parts experiences tough quality examination pursued by manufacturing to make certain the faultlessness as well as consistency to the essential standards and specifications.

Brass Temperature Sensor

To be the preferred OEM and after Market Manufacturer and supplier of Automotive, Heavy duty, and Industrial Gauging solutions with quality and standard products. Our Product range includes – Temperature Gauges (Mechanical & Electrical), Oil Pressure Gauges (Mechanical & Electrical), Ammeters, Voltmeters, Fuel Gauges & Senders (Temperature, Pressure & Fuel), Tachometers, Speedometers, Hour meters, Angle Drive Assembly, and Switches, Warning Lights, Cluster Assembly and more to name a new. These products are suitable for application in Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Two-wheelers, Stationery-Engines and for allied other Off Road &On the Road vehicles & equipment.

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