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We are specialized in Manufacturing of Brass Forging Components. We can manufacture any type of Brass Forged Bush for various industries including Water Valve and Pipe Fittings, Plumbing and Sanitary Fittings, Agricultural Equipment, Automotive Parts, Gas Industries, Electrical and Engineering. We offer the brass forged bush with competitive rate.

In-process Inspection with the International standard gauges each component order undergoes stringent quality assurance processes to assure accuracy and precision to the client’s specifications. And 100% inspection before shipment. Pre-shipment sample on client’s demand.

Lead Time : Prompt or We will give you lead time based on your project.

brass forged components

CW617N is the most frequently used alloy for Hot Stampings. It has an excellent capacity for Hot Forming along with good machinability properties.

Nominal Composition :

Copper57 to 59%
Lead1.6 to 2.5%
Iron0.30% Max

Equivalent Specifications :

JISC 3561

CZ131 or commonly known as DTD 627 in the Asian Sub-continent, is a riveting and turning brass quality grade with improved ductility. CZ131 contains higher amount of Copper percentage which makes it an ideal choice for components that require crimping and machining on the head parts. This alloy offers a good corrosion resistance along with high strength characteristics which results in excellent formation for bending and cold heading.

Equivalent Specifications :

CW606N – EN12164UNS C 35300

Nominal Composition :

Copper61 to 63%
Lead1.50 to 2.50%
Iron0.20% Max
Other Impurities0.50% Max

The exceptional hot working characteristics of C37700 makes it the classic alloy for forgings. With outstanding flowcharacteristics, this alloy can be forged and machined into sophisticated and most complex components. C37700 can alsoeasily be electroplated with various finishes.


  • BUILDERS HARDWARE: Door Handles, Decorative Knobs, Furniture Hardware
  • BUILDING: Valve Bodies for Refrigeration, Chemicals
  • CONSUMER: Golf Putters, Valve Bodies for Scuba & Propane Spray Tanks, Valve Bodies for Agricultural Spray Tanks
  • ELECTRICAL: Covers, Fuse Bodies
  • INDUSTRIAL: Valve Components, Forgings and Pressings of All Kinds

Any kind of Brass Forging Bush can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer specifications.