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Aluminium Bronze is a versatile and commonly used material for highest strength of the copper-based alloys with aluminium being the primary alloying element (typically 5 – 11% aluminium). It is also the most tarnish resistant of all the copper alloys. Aluminium Bronze bushes or bronze bearings are hard and strong, as opposed to brass bushings, which are softer and more easily deform. Thus, bronze bushings have longer lifespans than brass bushing sleeves. They resist shock and impact, wear and corrosion.They require an external lubricant, for example grease or oil, at installation and during operation to reduce friction and wear.

We ‘Elite Engineering’ are offering Aluminum Bronze Bushes with Guarantee & Defect free castings, Aluminum bronzes are most valued for their higher strength and corrosion resistance as compared to other bronze alloys. These alloys are tarnish-resistant and show low rates of corrosion in atmospheric conditions, low oxidation rates at high temperatures, and low reactivity with sulphurous compounds and other exhaust products of combustion. They are also resistant to corrosion in sea water.

Aluminium Bronze Bush Manufacturer

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Better operational life
  • Immaculate performance
  • High tensile strength
  • Safe and reliable to use
  • Capable of withstanding extreme pressure


ELEMENTS% ( AB – I )% ( AB – II )
1) CuBalBal
2) Al8.5 – 10.58.8 – 10 %
3) Fe1.5 – 3.54.0 – 5.5
4) Ni1.0 Max.4.0 – 5.5
5) Mn1.0 Max.1.5 Max