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Our product range has been developed after thorough research work and includes Brass LPG Fittings, Brass Canteen Burner Valves, Main Line Shut Off Valves, Brass Needle Control Valves, Brass Special F Valve, S Type Valve / Straight Nozzle Valve, Brass Non Return Valve, Brass Aluminium Knobs, Sierra Type Compact Valve Adapters, Burner Flexible Pigtails, Brass Lpg Jets, Brass Injector Assembly / Assembly With Elbow, Brass High Pressure Burner Jets, Brass Low Pressure Connectors, High Pressure Brass Regulator, Pilot Burner, Brass Gas Cock & Cock Spindle and Brass fitting Lpg Keys. Our research team further seeks to improvise our product range so that our products always stay at par with the other market offerings. To achieve this objective they are involved in regular studies and experimentation. The information and suggestions advised by them are utilized in our decision making process and help us take advantage of available business opportunities. They study and analyze the market trends, customer’s requirements, industry composition, changes in technology and business environment.