We are engaged in supreme quality Bushing that are installed especially in vehicles for getting flexibility and required tensile strength. We manufacture these bushing in compliance with the set industry norms and standards. And provide the required joint strength in joining of one mechanical assembly to other. The bushes precisely carved out while being made from high grade metal.


  • Rugged design
  • Leakage proof
  • Wear resistance
  • Air tight design
  • Chemical resistance
  • Enhances drivability
  • Improve stopping capability
  • Low friction
  • Dimensional stability
  • Helps to restore spring tension

Industrial Bush

We are offering high quality industrial Bushes. Hydraulic Pump Bush is widely used in innumerable applications such as industry machines, power tools, cement and sugar industry etc. The bushes have great abrasive resistance strength are completely unaffected by water.


  • Excellent initial transfer film, which effectively coats the mating
  • Surface of the bearing assembly
  • Provides high load carrying capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • High tensile strength
  • Water Resistance
  • Anti-Corrosive

Link Bush

Bushings play a very important role in keeping the integrity and NVH of a vehicle. Elite Engineering has experience in designing and manufacturing bushings for various applications. Elite Engineering has the ability to design bushings using various alloys and plastic composites that are cost effective and have robust design.


Oil Pump Bushing

Elite engineering manufacturing bushing from high-quality materials for long-lasting durability, Elite’s Engine Oil Pump Bushings restore the oil pump to proper operation. Replacement helps maintain engine longevity.We are produced according to OEM standards by the most credible manufacturers. Plus, you can get them from us at very affordable rates. We present you a top-grade oil pump bushing to help quiet down your oil pump and enable it to operate smoothly. Our components come with low price guarantee.

  • Helps prevent premature failure of or damage to the oil pump
  • Oil-resistant
  • Heat-resistant
  • Easy to install

Thrust Washer Bearing

Thrust bearings are strong, wear resistant, and excellent at handling shock loads. They’re sometimes called Thrust Washer Bearings. Come to Elite for thrust washers to help prevent movement along the axis of a shaft bearing an axial load. Use them as fatigue liners for soft housing faces or combine with roller and assemblies to form complete thrust bearings.


Steering Gear Bushings

After attaining an experience of automobile components, Its gradual growth & then after it became a professionally managed company engaging in the Wholesaler and Exporter business of automobile components & specializing in Steering, Gear Box and much more.

Stub Axle Bushing

We are highly acknowledged organization engaged in manufacturing and exporting a remarkable range of Stub Axle Bushes. Our entire product range is treasured for excellent strength and is used in light and heavy-duty automobile industry. They are performance based and are quality approved. These are delivered in varied grades and are abrasion resistant.


Gear Box Bushing

Elite Parts India is a global supplier of quality replacement parts for Truck &Trailer. Our business is built upon expertise and service in combination with the ability to make our customers more profitable.

We value our customers and adapt our business in order to serve them in the best possible way. Because of this, we are luckily rewarded with long and lasting customer relationships and our business is constantly growing.

Transmission Bushing

Elite Transmission Bushings are constructed of seamless tube with a thin layer of brass and copper material. Seamless construction makes installation easy, eliminating breakage and bushing surface interruptions. Perfect for the Aftermarket with no line boring needed.

Automatic Transmission Bushing, This bushing is very important because it protects the moving components of the transmission linkage from grinding with each other. Without it, the gear box will make rattling noises, and it will be difficult to shift gears.


Cam Roller Pins

We are exporting superior quality cam roller pins for automobile spares at competitive prices. With an experienced team and determined approach the company has gradually developed a diverse range of aftermarket spares suitable for various Cars, Tractors, Trailers and Trucks. The company has shown gradual growth over the years, exporting to various parts of the world, such as Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe and South America.

A keen interest in expanding the product range and developing new products has helped the company to offer the wide range it has today. It has always been enthusiastic about developing new products according to customer specifications. Gradually increasing products on offer accompanied with its technical and marketing competence, the company has established itself as one of the leading exporters of aftermarket spares from India.

Cylinder Bushings

Bushings operate with sliding motion between moving surfaces. Bushings are selected based on the velocity and the applied load.

  • Specifications : As per requirement.
  • Size : Varied sizes
  • Use : Used as valve fittings
  • Features :Flawless finish, Optimum strength, accurate dimension

Boom Bushings

Boom Bushings are critical to all types of cranes. The boom pin bushing is what keeps the pin moving smoothly. The pin on crane will experience heavy loads. For this reason C95400 Aluminum Bronze is used for its great load bearing properties. Cranes are used in a variety of industries from industrial to construction to oil and gas. No matter what industry it is used in, the aluminum bronze boom pin bushing will keep the crane running longer with less down time.


Hydraulic Pump Bushing

Hydraulic pump bushings are widely used in many industries such as construction, agriculture, automotive and material handling equipment and chemicals. These industries seek both to improve the performance and reduce the size and weight of their equipment to meet stricter environmental and economic constraints.

Bushing allow dimensional downsizing and higher working pressures without impacting volumetric and mechanical efficiencies of the external gear pump and motor. Higher load capacity, High mechanical strength for smaller pumps and motors size and improved hydraulic performance.

Carriage Bushing

Elite Engineering is manufactured from the finest quality bushing, using the latest production technology to ensure long life and resistance to wear.

Bushes are Extruded Rod from high tensile nonferrous material, Extrusion for core hardness and better material micro structure on the wear surface to provide excellence service life.Under Carriage Bushing for CATERPILLAR, JOHN DEERE, HITACHI, KOMATSU and CASE.


Roller Bearings

Bushings are necessary for optimal functioning of any wheel application. Without it, the bore of the wheel is subject to constant friction—wearing it out faster and shortening its life span. This is especially important in industrial wheels that carry heavy loads, such as metal wheels at lumber mills or manufacturing plants.

Bushings are shaped like a tube or sleeve, and help with motion by sliding, as opposed to the rolling motion of most bearing bushes. Still, bushings are a type of bearing, as they aid in the efficiency of rotating.

From cart wheels to Ferris wheels—all wheels need bearings or bushings to operate smoothly in the long run. However, the type and size of the bearing or bushing required will be specific to each application and must be carefully selected.

Heavy and Locomotive Engines

Elite Engineering is a manufacturer of bushing for aftermarket parts and components, offering a wide range of products. We are leading aftermarket parts provider, supporting locomotives bushings. In addition to our broad locomotive line, we also provide products for Passenger Transit, Marine, and Power Generation markets.

From Customer Service, Manufacturing, Quality & Technical Support, to Inside & Field Sales, Warehouse & Shipping, Elite Engineering has only one goal in mind your total satisfaction in under one roof. Please feel free to visit each product page to see the broad range of our product offering.


Pivot Arm Bushing

Durability is superior for cars, trucks and SUVs; road salt, oil, and a host of other common under car contaminants will eventually destroy the rubber bushings on your vehicles, not to mention the weight and torque forces that typically compress rubber.

Elite Engineering is offered in a variety of pivot arm bushing, depending on product application; performance tested and race proven; used for all of Energy Suspension products that require a higher level of performance and durability. In-house experience in innovating, engineering and formulating wide selection of brass components for many different industries, Energy Suspension has qualified as premier manufacturer of high quality brass products.

Governor Bushings

We are the reputed manufacturers of a wide range of bushes that are manufactured using superior quality metals, procured from reliable sources. It is available in varied sizes & specifications and well-known for its endurable function & longevity. These bushes are extensively used in auto, agriculture, hydraulic vehicles, forging machines, construction machines and other related machines.


Propeller Bushings

After many years of research and development, Elite Engineering has developed an advanced series of propeller bushings with a strong and high tensile. With the required equipment the hubs are designed to install simply by pressing them into the hub with minimal of effort. However, they still offer excellent gripping force to keep the propeller from slipping.They increase acceleration and reduce wheel hop all while maintain smooth traction feel. They are made of Aluminium Bronze and copper and copper base alloys material.

Exhaust Valve Guides

Elite Engineering makes exhaust valve guides that fit properly, easier to install and shaped to help air flow instead of just copying the OEM design. Elite’s exhaust valve guides are made from true CW713R Manganese Bronze and turned on a dedicated precision CNC turning centre creating some of the tightest tolerances in the industry with the best quality control possible.

Elite Engineering is specializing in light commercial and heavy commercial vehicles truck and trailer parts. We are committed to offering the best quality parts at very competitive prices, for the satisfaction and trust of our customers. We serve customers nationwide.


Bimetal Bushing

Bimetal Sleeve Bushes Indents Bearing Assembly Design freedom – customizable to meet specific indentation and shape needs.Bimetal Brass Bronze Bushing to high-quality, the surface of the copper-lead alloy as the face, according to conditions and can be processed using all types of oil hole in the surface of the alloy layer.Bimetallic bearings are able to withstand heavy loads and shock load conditions. Our bimetallic bearings have anti-corrosion.

The internal surface of the bimetal bushes can include different types of channels, so as to satisfy the various types of applications and lubrication conditions in which the bushes may be used.Our self-lubricating bearings are given on the chassis of the walking mechanism, body elements and hydraulic components. Includes bimetallic lubrication of rolling bearings, self-lubricating metal-based bearings and self-lubricating plastic rolling bearings. These bearings have material under high load, excellent wear resistance and anti-dust effect, and the technology of self-lubricating bearings allows much longer maintenance cycles, improves the use of equipment, and reduces maintenance costs.

    Low coefficients of friction eliminate the need for lubrication while reducing wear and extending service life.
    Ideal for applications requiring long service life without regular maintenance or operating conditions with little or no lubrication.
    Reduce shaft costs by eliminating the need
    For hardening and machining grease paths. Compact, one-piece construction provides space and weight savings and simplifies assembly.
    Greaseless, lead-free solutions comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations such as the RoHS directive for electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Design Freedom – Customizable To Meet Specific Indentation and Shape Needs
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Earthmoving Engineers
  • Textile Machinery
  • Pneumatic Equipment
  • Mechanical Handling
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Road Equipment
  • Etc

Journal Bearing &Bush

The journal bearing has long been the brawn of the turbocharger; however a ball-bearing cartridge is now an affordable technology advancement that provides significant performance improvements to the turbocharger.A single oil hole without any grooving is commonly used in short bearings. The oil hole should be centrally located and in the unloaded area to ensure that oil is distributed equally to both sides. The bearing with a single oil hole can have approximately three times the load bearing capacity than a bearing with an annular or circumferential groove in the same length bearing.


Sleeve Bushing

We make all kinds of brass sleeve bushing, Brass, Bronze, Lead Free Bush for water lubricant for marine industry.Naval brass bush adapt equally well to strut and stern tube mounts. And are often used effectively as sock and pin bushings. Bushing diameters are precision fitted to the designated shaft size with the correct clearance for efficient water lubrication. External brass shells are machined and polished to provide easy fitting. Specially formulated oil and chemical resistant. Sleeve bearings are usually installed by light press-fitting and locked in place with once pointed set screws.

Cross Head Bushings

These Cross Heads are specially prepared to maintain the crank case oil pressure thoroughly. The pins and bushings are also designed for such special purpose with properly alignment and proper dimensions to maintain the oil pressure in all the critical areas of Crank Shaft, body & Connecting Rod.